We are a family of fermentation artists, gardeners, herbalists, local food advocates, woodsfolk & community builders. We created these ferments for our families & friends long before Farmstead Ferments was born. 

It is our greatest joy to have manifested our small business as a way to make a living by feeding our community members the highest quality probiotic rich foods you can find.

The kraut kitchen is a place of constant creative flow, the vegetables come in from the field and we blend the flavors together, inspired by what is harvested. Our seasonal flavors are always evolving, which keeps production exciting for both our team members and our clients. Stay tuned for the newest flavors by Farmstead Ferments and please feel free to make suggestions!

Farmstead Ferments is located on a small farm outside of Charlottesville. It is there that we grow, harvest, process and ferment a wide variety of vegetables using organic practices - a growing method that keeps us and our Earth healthy. What we don’t grow ourselves, we source the remaining majority from our local farming community.

Farmstead Ferments are never pasteurized so these wholesome, nutritious and delicious foods are absolutely loaded with life force and teeming with electrolytes, enzymes, and probiotics. We feel better when we eat these foods and hope that you do too.