Kraut Avocado & Egg Toast via Will Frolic for Food

Our website designer is the blogger behind Will Frolic for Food. WFFF is a vibrant vegetarian and (mostly) gluten free blog where Renee posts free, clean-eating, real-food recipes up to three times a week. And she made this any-time meal with our Classic Kraut! Isn't it a beaut?

Here's the recipe:


sourdough bread (Renee used Sami's gluten free)


1/2 medium avocado, sliced lengthwise

Classic Kraut

1 hen or duck egg, fried over easy

Celtic sea salt

*optional: Sriracha!

how to:

Toast the bread to your liking. 

Spread the warm toast with ghee. 

Top with the avocado, kraut, over easy egg, and a sprinkling of sea salt, to taste. Add a couple dots of Sriracha if you like! & then enjoy!