When you finish your pickles do you bid farewell to that leftover juice and watch in run down he sink? Or perhaps leave it in the jar for a month in the fridge; trying to think of ways you can use it? Well do not fret! We have come up with some delicious and FUN ways you can use that juice! Especially with the brine from Farmstead Ferments, it is full of probiotics and all sorts of good enzymes so incorporating it in other aspects of your cooking is just as beneficial as eating our kraut or our pickles.

1)         Salad Dressings- Follow the recipe in the blog below for a yummy salad dressing and simply replace the kraut juice with pickle juice.

2)       Pickle other things- there is no better way to pickle your veggies than with old, existing brine. If it’s not enough simple add more saltwater brine or save a couple jars with and combine them.

3)        Cocktails and Bloody Mary’s- looking to get funky on a Friday night? Through in some of that pickle juice into your martini.

4)      Marinades- the acidity of a pickle juice is great for marinating meat because it helps to break the toughness down.

5)        Sunburn remedy- believe it! Pickle and kraut juice is not just a great remedy for sunburns; it’s good for your skin in general. So don’t let the smell leave you wondering, just slather some on!

6)      Summertime salads- potato salad, tuna salad, chicken salad. Moisten those salads up with some scrumptious pickle juice.