Omega Kraut Overload!

We have let our creative juices flow and out nutritional knowledge empower our krauts. We got a little funky in the kitchen this week with a purslane, lemon cucumber, shiso, dill seed, OMEGA kraut!

Common purslane (Portulaca oleracea) — also known as duckweed, fatweed, pursley, pussley, verdolagas and wild portulaca — is the most frequently reported “weed” species in the world. It can grow anywhere that has at least a two-month growing season. Purslane possesses more omega-3 fatty acids that any other leafy vegetable plant, and more than even some fish oils.

Purslane is widely grown in many Asian and European regions as a staple leafy vegetable. Its leaves appear thick, and have a slightly sour and salty taste. It also provides some of the highest amounts of Vitamin A than any other vegetable, as well as high amounts of Vitamin C, B-complex, and six times for Vitamin E than spinach.

While most people in other parts of the world just eat it like any other green, we thought, “why not ferment it?!” So that’s exactly what we did. Some people like to substitute these greens for watercress or spinach as well

With a splash of yellow from our lemon cucumbers, a swirl of shiso mint, and a dash of dill seed, this kraut will be cranking in FLAVOR, and OMEGA’s!