Aronia Berry- A Treasured Water Kefir Soda Flavor

Have you ever heard the golden secret of Aronia Berries? A native to Virginia, this berry can be spotted all around us. Maybe it will be our next trademark. These beneficial berries are also known as choke berries because of the biting pucker you might experience when eating these berries fresh.  The berries are most commonly used in wines, jellies, and juices. Although they may be sweet too!  They are easy to grow, resist pests and disease and are cold hearty. That’s right- an east coasters favorite type of plant.

Aronia berries are extremely high in antioxidants and many phytonutrients, and have the highest anthocyanin concentration than any other commercially grown berry. In fact, scientists have done a lot of research on these berries because of their high levels of polyphenols. Aronia berry is known to reduce blood pressure, weight gain, inflammation, and chance of heart attack, eye inflammation and blood pressure. It also is know to regulate blood sugar and reduce muscle recovery time after workouts.

The aronia berry plant (aronia melanocarpa) has creamy white, decorative flowers in the spring, followed by ink-black berries in the fall. Fall foliage changes from a smooth green to a vibrant, red color, making the aronia berry bush a seasonal eye catcher. 



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