Dawn Story, Founder

Dawn is an aspiring homesteader, community food advocate, permaculture enthusiast, tree-hugger, green witch, passionate citizen and bonafide fermentation freak. She is also the founder of the New Moon Naturals line of herbal medicines, teas and elixirs, and Farmstead Ferments artisanal and seasonal fermented foods. She seeks to live in balance and harmony with the cycles of nature and is inspired to create right livelihood that allows her to move with nature's ebbs and flows, as well as her own. Dawn relishes the opportunity to experience these ideas, products and practices with friends, family and community, preserving the past as a bridge to the future.

Brian Neitzel, Operations Manager

Brian’s love of the outdoors was seeded by his rural Wisconsin upbringing wherein farming and preserving the harvest were a part of his family’s daily life. Today, Brian enjoys combining his farmstead wisdom with his food-artistry passion and inspires both the produce and the products being offered by Farmstead Ferments naturally-fermented foods and brews. He is the jack of all trades, helping with everything from production and distribution to building, planting, and harvesting.


Miranda Heatwole-Carroll, Executive Assistant/Production Team Member

Miranda joined our team in July of 2016.  She is proud to be working for a company that takes so much pride and joy in their products and its use of sustainable and healthy practices.  She works in our office most of the time, but also enjoys 'getting her hands dirty' and making Water Kefir Sodas, going to Farmers Markets and Events, or anything else we need her to do!

Favorite Farmstead Ferment:  Garlicky Sour Pickles, Kimchi

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