Knowing the farmer who grows our food and being familiar in their growing practices ensures that each batch contains the finest, most fresh ingredients available. We like to call them “eco-locally grown”, meaning that we source from regional farmers who use techniques such as no or low spray, crop rotation, soil building, and other regenerative agricultural practices. 

Sourcing our ingredients as close to home and as often as possible preserves small family farms, contributes to our regions food security, reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and creates long-lasting and symbiotic relationships with folks we honor and trust who, soon enough, become part of our larger family. 

Due to the variances of soil and the seasons, harvesting schedules and techniques, time, temperature and other factors, each batch is completely unique and thus, truly artisan much like the process of winemaking. 

If you are a farmer interested in providing Farmstead Ferments with produce, please contact us. We are always looking for new collaborative partners! 

Living Culture Farms 

Teddy Pitsiokos and Mary Parham started Living Culture Farm in 2013 as a path towards greater interconnection with nature and community.

Teddy and Mary: "wish to inspire our community to make healthier, more delicious choices about the food they eat. Committed to small-scale, sustainable agriculture, we strive to produce nutrient dense, living food and invite people to enrich their lives by being mindful of what they eat. We believe that local food production exists in the foundation of the strongest communities and plays a pivotal role in public health. 

We farm with deep appreciation for life and the natural world. We pride ourselves in producing goods naturally, sustainably, and at a fair price. We recognize the necessity of farming for the future through a reciprocating relationship with land and soil. We build soil quality and steward a biologically rich environment where a legacy of diverse life can be sustained indefinitely through balanced and conscious farming practices."

P & J’s Greenhouse

Pam & Jimmy are a husband and wife team of wholesale growers. They have been growing plants and vegetables for sale at farmers markets since 2008 and in 2010 they were able to go full time as growers. They currently maintain 6 gardens and 3 greenhouses and have a certified kitchen to make salsas, sauces, jams and jellies as well as herb infused oils and salves.